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Regardless of the project, design, or building challenge, our family business is committed to helping customers build with the best quality timber framing and structural steel products.


We believe in giving our customers the same level of service and product quality we would expect ourselves. Every plan and build deserves dedicated attention, a focus on detail, and thorough quality checks to remain strong and reliable for years to come. It’s our obligation to ensure that every BB Truss & Timber order is a cost-effective, efficient, and seamless process.



With humble beginnings as a four-person operation, our strong customer relationships have allowed us to grow in size and grow our offering over the last 30 years. It has given us the ability to focus on sustainability and innovative robotic technology – all based out of our purpose-built, renewable-powered manufacturing plant in Central Victoria. The factory has been recognised by the FTMA as the Best National Truss Plant over many years.



  • Do we offer site measures?

    Yes, at an additional cost as itemised on your quote. However, you also have the option to proceed as per plan/quote or provide the measurements yourself.

  • What are our payment terms? How do you proceed?

    To proceed we require a 50% deposit to confirm the order, with the balance due 7 days prior to delivery. In addition, we require a sign-off on the bottom of your quotation. This is a strict policy.

  • Do we deliver? Are the trucks ours?

    We value your investment as much as you do. That is why you will only ever receive a delivery on one of our modern fleet of crane trucks. No subcontractors here!

  • How long will it take us to complete your quotation?

    Quotations usually take around 2 weeks, however depending on the time of year this can vary.

  • What is our lead time?

    Our lead time does vary depending on how busy we are at the time. An average estimate from order and confirmed measure is around 2.5 weeks. However, please give us a call on 9331 7075 to confirm.

  • How far in advance do you need to book in a site measure?

    Once you have placed your order, we require around a weeks notice.

  • What needs to be ready onsite for a site measure to take place?

    This depends on the product you’re ordering:

    • For roof trusses we require your slab down and your ground floor/first floor wall frames to be chalked out.
    • For floor trusses we require your slab down, ground floor wall frames up ALL of your steel and timber beams in position.
    • For wall frames we require your slab down.
    • For structural steel we generally require your slab down, and any brick work up.

    Please note each job is different, so its best to call the office to confirm what we require on your site.

  • When can you request the computations?

    Once your balance has been paid you can request for your computations to be emailed out to you. If the job has been detailed the document will be sent within 24 hours. Please note, we only email these confidential documents to the email address listed on your invoice.

  • Do we offer 30-day trade accounts?

    Yes, however we require a minimum of 3 jobs ordered within a 6-month period in order for us to email you the application form. Please note, us providing you with the application form does not guarantee the account will be approved.


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