The newest addition to our product range is prefabricated structural steel – this includes design, galvanising, and installation. Importantly, our structural steel arrives already fitted with timber infills and wailing plates. We provide best-in-class accuracy, in part thanks to the highly-advanced Tekla software, our expert detailers, our robotic cutting and welding systems, and the installation team. The result means a better fit on-site and less work for the construction team.



In addition to being Australia’s largest producer of Multistruts, we also offer Steelwood floor truss systems. Our experience allows us to design and build floor trusses that exceed high engineering standards – across a huge range of applications and load limits. Standard sizes include, 250mm, 300mm, 360mm, 413mm, 460mm, 560mm, 660mm and varied options for custom sizing that our designers will happily work with you on.



BB Truss & Timber roof trusses are backed by over 40 years of engineering research and development by Multinail Australia. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to build and delivery trusses up to 20m in length and 3.8m in height – saving our customers time and money on installation while using a high-quality product. In addition, any custom, one-off roof shapes and designs are easily visualised with our accurate 3D modelling software.



All our wall frames are made using state-of-the-art framing lines for a superior and precise build. With incredible flexibility in design, our expert designers and detailers can make most things work– ensuring that even custom sizes can be delivered and easily erected in days, not weeks. All BB Truss & Timber wall frames are made with minimum MGP10 timber – there’s no F5 in our frames!

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